Position Available

Postdoctoral Position Available: Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Physical Chemistry of Heterogeneous Systems:

A postdoctoral position is available in the research group led by Kevin Wilson (http://wilsonresearchgroup.lbl.gov/home) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (www.lbl.gov). The position will focus on topics relating to the physical chemistry of heterogeneous reactions in nanoparticles and how confinement of chemistry in micro-droplets alters reaction mechanisms. Sample publications and website that illustrate this kind of work are:

“Evidence that Criegee Intermediates Drive Autoxidation in Unsaturated Lipids”, M Zeng, N Heine, KR Wilson, PNAS, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1920765117

“Exploring Chemistry in Micro-compartments using Guided Droplet Collisions in a Branched Quadrupole Trap Coupled to a Single Droplet, Paper Spray Mass Spectrometer,” M. I Jacobs, J. Davies, L. Lee, R. Davis, F. Houle, K. R. Wilson, Anal. Chem. 2017, https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.7b03704

The position will develop and use of novel experimental methods to measure heterogeneous and condensed phase reactions in organic nanoparticles and levitated aqueous droplets using a novel combination of atmospheric pressure mass spectrometry and synchrotron-based aerosol VUV mass spectrometry and X-ray spectroscopy. (Advanced Light Source, www-als.lbl.gov/)

This position requires a background in physical chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry or a related field. Some experience in chemical kinetics and instrumentation development is desired as well as experience working in a research team environment; good oral and written communications; interpersonal skills; initiative; creative/innovative thinking.

Interested applicants should email: (1) a CV including a list of peer-reviewed publications, (2) names of three potential references and (3) a 1-2 page summary outlining your skills, accomplishments and research interests to Kevin Wilson at krwilson@lbl.gov. Applications will be reviewed starting July 1, 2020 until the position is filled.