Multiphase Physical Chemistry

The Wilson group, located at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is focused on developing a molecular-level understanding of the chemistry that occurs in and on nanoparticles and droplets. The problems we study are often inspired by the atmosphere (aerosol, fog and cloud droplets). We use a variety of experimental and computational tools, which include nanoparticle mass spectrometry and aerosol X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy at the Advanced Light Source.

(above velocity map Images of photoelectrons produced when X-rays probe sub-micron aerosol particles)

Research Areas

We seek to develop predictive mechanisms for reactions at organic aerosol interfaces with an emphasis on heterogeneous oxidation by hydroxyl (OH) free radicals and ozone.

We are developing new techniques to measure and understand surface reactions on aqueous droplets and bimolecular reactions initiated by droplet collisions.

We are a part of the Gas Phase Chemical Physics and Condensed Phase and Interfacial Molecular Science groups located in the Chemical Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We are active users and developers of instrumentation at the Advance Light Source.