Nicole Richards-Henderson

About Me

I received my Ph. D. in 2011 under the supervision of Professor Barbara Finlayson-Pitts at University of California Irvine.  During my graduate work I examined the effects of halide ions (Cl- and Br-) on NO3- photolysis production yields of gas-phase NO2 from aerosols and thin films. This project has given me experience not only with learning a variety of analytical techniques, e.g., FTIR, and API-MS, but also gave me the opportunity to learn molecular dynamics which I utilized to understand the interactions between ions at the interface. During my past postdoctoral work under Professor Cort Anastasio at University of California Davis, I gained expertise in HPLC analytical methods which I utilized to study the aqueous-phase oxidation of biogenic volatile organic compounds to form secondary organic aerosol and measured reactive oxygen species from ambient particles.

Currently, I am working in Kevin Wilson’s research group in the Chemical Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  My area of focus is heterogeneous oxidation of liquid and solid aerosols to understand detail chemical reaction mechanisms.  In this research I will be using an AMS combined with VUV photoionization available at the Advance Light Source.

Current Position: Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences

Patricia Jung,
Jun 19, 2014, 2:03 PM