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I conducted my thesis work at the Fritz-Haber-Institute in Berlin, Germany, and received my doctoral degree in Physics from the Freie Universität Berlin in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Knut Asmis. My PhD research focused on structural analysis of microsolvated cluster ions using infrared photodissociation (IRPD) spectroscopy. Structures are assigned based on a comparison between experimental and simulated spectra of different isomers derived from electronic structure calculations. In order to overcome spectral congestion caused by the presence of multiple isomers, I designed and built a custom ion trap triple mass spectrometer which allows isomer-selective measurements using an IR/IR double-resonance (IR2MS2) scheme. In combination with OPO/OPA tabletop laser systems and IR free electron lasers this set up allows to measure isomer specific vibrational spectra over nearly the entire IR spectral range as a function of cluster size, composition and internal temperature (10 ­ 300 K).

My current research as a Feodor-Lynen Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Dr. Kevin Wilson focuses on the kinetics and product analysis of heterogeneous oxidation of organic nanoparticles with ozone and OH at environmental conditions. These experiments employ different aerosol reactors, such as flow tubes and a continuous flow stirred tank reactor, in combination with a several ionization sources and mass spectrometers.

Current Position: Research Scientist, JUUL Labs

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